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TLC For Well-being Through Balance

This May, all moms stand a chance to win a free TLC supplement hamper, when booking and attending a FREE assessment at a TLC centre...

TLC-for-Weight-Loss-Wellbeing is giving away a FREE TLC-Hamper (TLC-Turbo Boost, TLC-Digital Food Scale, TLC-Cellulite Oil, TLC-Stevia Tablets, TLC-Cal-Mag, TLC-Stretch Mark Oil, Dinker and Lunch Time Cooler Box to the value of R1000.00).

How to enter the draw for the hamper

All you have to do is book, and attend, a FREE ASSESSMENT at a TLC-Centre to enter the draw, and you could be a winner!

Post-pregnancy weight solutions

Sometimes the wonderful gift of a new baby comes with the unwanted gift of additional weight that won’t budge. Post-pregnancy, your body can be a mess of upside-down hormones, a pouchy stomach, mood swings and unwanted fat.

While pregnant, hormones in the body surge. Post pregnancy, some of these revert to normal levels quickly, while some can remain unbalanced, affecting metabolism and mood.

Many overweight or obese women blame the start of their weight issues on a pregnancy.

Having issues with your body can impact negatively on self-esteem and aggravate the ‘baby blues’ that sometimes occur.

Addressing hormonal imbalances

Addressing these imbalances quickly, will restore self-confidence and help you enjoy your new status as a mother.

The TLC-Program can assist in stabilizing your hormones and restarting your metabolism, to shed the unwanted kilos fast and effectively. The TLC-Program also triggers hGH which assists in firming and toning skin; and stabilizes serotonin levels, which can improve mood and assist with postnatal depression.

Testimony from our successful TLC-Client, and now TLC-Retailer, Mona:

“ I've been yo-yo dieting all my life, seeing both sides of the line, almost anorexic to morbidly obese. I gave up hope at one stage and felt being healthy and skinny was just not for me!

I've known about TLC for years but everything was always more important than myself. My husband and my children were placed first on my priority list. But then after my second baby we decided we wouldn't have any more children and I was still obese after losing all my ‘baby weight’. I battled to walk, was always tired and constantly in a bad mood.

Then I made the decision to be healthy and excel in life and I knew I had to change… I owed it to myself and to my family. Plus I wanted to be a sexy mom and someone my boys could be proud of.

With prayer, perseverance and family support I started my journey, keeping my goals in mind, and knowing in my heart that no chocolate and no food will lead me into temptation - I’m my own boss and food stopped controlling me, thanks to TLC. Food became my medicine and I now eat to live and don’t live to eat anymore.

After losing 25kg and 58cm I have a new career helping other TLC-Clients achieve their goals and live a healthier lifestyle. I’m happy, confident and yes I’m the sexy mommy now. My family is eating healthy and play time is fun.

It took TLC and determination to get here. But boy it was worth it!”

Are you ready for a change?

If you are ready to change your life for the better, give TLC a call and book a FREE ASSESSMENT. Contact our Call Centre: 0861 000 852, or go direct to our website to book: 

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